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Helix Farms

Bringing future farming technologies and advice together, at farm scale

About Helix farms

Farm trials provide an excellent test-bed for the latest tools and technology in real-world situations.

Our Helix farm initiative is different though. Across a network of demonstration farms, we’re evaluating the latest technology and agronomic techniques, alongside the wider impact on factors such as soil health, rotational planning and the farm carbon footprint, to help farmers improve economic and environmental sustainability.

The Omnia digital farming platform provides a central “hub” to record, analyse and evaluate much of the information, from crop observations, satellite imagery and input plans, to TerraMap soil analysis and yield data.

Bringing it All Together

Crop information, knowledge and experience from the grower and the agronomist will be a central part of the project, with decision support systems and technology feeding in to overall farm and business management.

Surveillance and predictive systems, nutrition, input and new trait technologies will also be assessed and developed in the Helix project. Managing the interactions of the myriad of variables and data that needs to be measured and understood will enable beneficial decision support to maximise efficiency, yield, quality and sustainability.

Helix is a collaborative project working with a number of established companies to integrate different technologies and systems, allowing the grower to fully benefit from innovation and decision support. All the linking of technology and knowledge will lead to decision making through the one hub system approach, Omnia.


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