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Vegetable Agronomy

Hutchinsons provides a comprehensive agronomy service for an extensive range of outdoor and protected crops

Leaders in vegetable agronomy

With depots in all of the key field vegetable regions of the country, Hutchinsons provides a comprehensive agronomy service for an extensive range of outdoor and protected crops.

From herbs, asparagus and pumpkins through to vegetable brassicas and root crops, our agronomists are on hand to advise on production of a quality crop.

Meeting retailer protocol and crop assurance requirements is a major challenge to any crop production company. Hutchinsons meets the challenge through its highly qualified field and office-based teams and using state of the art technology to the benefit of farmers and growers alike.

Regular personal contact with regulatory groups gives us great confidence in the advice we give on issues of product approval, management of residues and all aspects of user and consumer safety.

Additionally, Hutchinsons agronomists in the field are in the unique position to be able to use our in-house team of vegetable experts for up-to-the-minute responses to queries and recommendations on each and every crop in the vegetable sector.

Our advice is always up-to-date through our involvement with:

  • Research organisations including Rothamsted and the Central Science Laboratory
  • Crop specialist agencies including AHDB Horticulture and PGRO
  • Product suppliers.

Regular personal contact with regulatory groups provide confidence in advising on issues of:

  • Product approval
  • Management of residues
  • All aspects of user and consumer safety and crop protocols.

Ready access to research organisations such as Rothamsted and Central Science Laboratory, crop specialist agencies, including the AHDB Horticulture and PGRO as well as product suppliers, ensures that our agronomists’ on-farm advice is always absolutely up to date.

Long-term grower and agronomist relationships, based on mutual understanding and trust, ensure agronomy advice is combined with local knowledge and experience, including specialist precision and soil assessments. Decisions taken are based on sound business principles, practical implementation and what is right for individual growers.

Advice is completely independent of manufacturers and is supported by the findings of our extensive regional trial sites that operate throughout the UK, giving our agronomists invaluable insight into what works best for different soil types, varieties and climates.

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