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Applying ecological principles to agriculture

Agroecology Services Brochure

Details on our Agroecology Services, our expert Agroecology team, and how they integrate into our other services

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Our team of specialists are highly skilled at implementing farming systems which produce crops in partnership with nature.

Maximising soil and plant health puts you in a position to produce profitable crops with minimal, targeted inputs, whilst delivering an uplift in biodiversity. Agroecological farming is more resilient, enhances natural resources and is future proof. It also has the support of government strategy which may create opportunities to access new markets and income streams.


You can now register for access to the recordings of the 2022 Hutchinsons Agroecology Conference!



Agroecology Integrated into our Other Services

Environmental Services

Enhancing biodiversity and protecting natural resources is a key objective of agroecological farms.

Our specialists can design farm environment plans that deliver these objectives and maximise the income of Agri-Environment schemes.

Learn more about our Environmental Services.


Specialist Cover Crops

Our seed team have constructed a range of catch and cover crop mixes to suit all situations: Discover our Catch & Cover Crop Mixes

These diverse mixes use reliable and high performing species to deliver key objectives and benefits and are designed for specific purposes.


Developing a healthy soil is fundamental for any farm but it is complex and requires skill and dedication.

Hutchinsons have some of the leading, most experienced soil specialists in the industry to help guide farmers in implementing changes with our HealthySoils services: https://www.hutchinsons.co.uk/our-services/healthy-soils/



The fundamental principles of Agroecology help reduce CO2 emissions and enhance Carbon sequestration.

Our Omnia services help plan and manage this process to help farmers be best placed to take advantage of developing markets.


Integrated Crop Management

Agroecology utilises all available cultural control methods and aims to maximise plant health to reduce reliance on inputs.

Our ICM team are developing new forecasting and decision-making tools that allow you to make appropriate and targeted applications when necessary.


Utilising precision technology helps you plan, map and understand the impact that agroecology can have on your farm.

TerraMap soil scanning, precision application of inputs, environmental scheme management and Carbon measurement are all available via Omnia, to help you visualise your farming system and the changes you make.


Enhanced Crop Nutrition

A healthy plant contains an adequate and balanced level of at least 16 elements.

Findings from the Hutchinsons Healthy Soils analysis and plant sap analysis enable you to create strategies to optimise plant health and natural immunity.

Agroecology Brochure

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