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About Helix

Linking technology, knowledge and advice to deliver sustainable farming

What is Helix?

Helix is a growing network of farms that evaluate technology and data on a field scale to support on-farm decision making.  Generating data from new technology is relatively straight forward, interpreting the data with knowledge and advice is the additional value that Helix brings, leading to improved farm productivity and sustainability.

Since its launch, Helix has focused on 5 key areas:

  • How can data improve farm sustainability?
  • How do we measure and improve soils?
  • How do we more effectively manage nutrition?
  • How do crop genetics benefit the grower?
  • Delivering tangible integrated crop management

Helix has now evolved to tailor the work on farm to the growers’ future goals and ambitions for the farm.  Our digital platform Omnia, enables us to track and measure all changes in management practice, supporting the decision making as growers work towards various objectives.  Examples include improving the resilience of the soil, using TerraMap gold data to address nutritional challenges, focusing on margin and increasing the efficiency of inputs.


Farm business profitability and environmental sustainability will become increasingly critical as we move through the next decade, requiring resource and a new management approach.

“The current agronomist and grower relationship will need to evolve if these challenges are to be met over the next 10 years, and utilising technology will be a significant part of this.

“Helix is an over-arching project, it’s about delivering our idea and vision of the agronomist and grower relationship in the future. We are in a new era and we are ready to embrace it completely.

“We are being exposed to a plethora of technologies such as data analytics, climate systems, machine learning, sensors, monitoring anddetection systems, autonomy and robotics. However, there is a need to evaluate which technologies are relevant and ultimately increase productivity and profitability, as well as efficiency, both for the grower and the agronomist. We need to be able to rationalise these technologies into a benefit for the grower.”

– Stuart Hill, Head of Technology & Innovation


Helix consists of a diverse range of growers and farms which contribute to the development and testing of our technologies across different regions, climates, and challenges.

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