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Seed Brochures

A collection of all our most recent seed books

2024 Seed Brochures

Our own range of environmental seed mixes, chosen to help you achieve the best results with your stewardship, from both an environmental and agronomic perspective.

Each mix has been selected for their ease of management and ability to deal with problems such as weeds or unfavourable soil conditions.

Download (3749 kb)

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Download (74 kb)

Our range of cover, catch and companion crop mixes are designed to maximise the many benefits associated with their use.

Species are selected for their reliability and ability to deliver key agronomic advantages.

Download (4835 kb)

Our maize portfolio is selected from material produced by top breeders for their consistency, yield, quality and agronomics.

Download (1843 kb)

2023 Seed Brochures

Our comprehensive portfolio of both technically and commercially viable varieties for autumn 2023 and beyond.

Download (49186 kb)

Learn more about the varieties we offer and find insights and advice on sowing rates, mixture selection and which varieties work best in which situations.

Also find details on our AmenityWise and ForageWise mixtures and varieties.

Download (6350 kb)

GrassWise is a range of grass seed mixtures with varieties that have been tested independently through the Recommended Grass and Clover List system and then grown on farms across the UK.

Find details on our agricultural grass seed mixes and varieties as well as detailed information on which situations they are best suited to.

Download (839 kb)

Discover our carefully selected range of amenity grass seed blends for landscape and sports grass.

Ideal for a wide range of sport and landscaping areas.

Download (889 kb)

Discover our carefully selected range of agricultural catch crops.

Also, find details on our range of game cover mixtures.

Download (834 kb)

Full details on a wide range of grass and forage seeds, with useful insights from Hutchinsons

Download (6935 kb)

A Practical Guide to Environmental, Soil Conditioning, Game Cover And Forage Root Seeds

Download (5686 kb)

2021 Seed Brochures

Learn more about the environmental, green manure, game cover and forage seeds on offer.

Find insights and advice on sowing rates and mixture selection.

Download (9063 kb)


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