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Our hands-on in-field assessments measure and monitor soil health, maximising crop nutrition and reducing environmental impact

Healthy soils are more efficient and give better yields and output.

We can help transform statements about your soil into strategies for your business.

Using in-field and laboratory science, our detailed analyses can set out key recommendations and advice on a field by field basis to improve your soil’s health for long term benefits to productivity and sustainability.

Healthy Soils

Our hands-on, in-field, Healthy Soils assessments measure and monitor soil health, helping you to fully maximise crop nutrition while reducing environmental impact.

The Healthy Soils service offered by our agronomists gives growers all the information needed to actively manage soil resources and optimise crop performance. Healthy Soils delivers fully tailored reports, advice and recommendations for a more programmed approach to soil improvement.

It’s the only report to give both total and available nutrition and rotational nutrient-cycling and is supported by laboratory and analytical services.

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Omnia TerraMap

Mapping layers at over 800 data points per hectare, TerraMap produces the world’s highest resolution soil maps, enabling agronomists and growers to make the most of precision technology.

In comparison, grid sampling map layers have only a single data point per hectare.

Additionally, TerraMap uses passive gamma-ray detection technology that isn’t affected by soil moisture, compaction, crop cover or cultivation state. This means that there are very few limitations to when TerraMap can be used – offering a much wider operating window for soil scans compared to other soil scanning systems, and the consistency and reliability of the results from TerraMap are proven across many years and hectares.

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Sustainable Soil Management

Sustainable Soil Management offer a range of service levels to suit your needs.

With bronze, silver, gold and Healthy Soils assessments on offer, SSM are able to analyse every aspect of your soil to offer personally tailored advice to help you improve your soil’s health for long term benefits.

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